This Juneteenth, as we recall the history of the Black emancipation in the United States, we look forward to some of its legacies, and to the future of Black empowerment. And who better to speak to Black empowerment than the Black Panther Party? 

In this vein, we invite you to explore the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University, and its collection of audio recordings featuring interviews, speeches, and rallies from the Black Panther Party. All have been digitized, however, access may require making special arrangements with the Voice Library. To make arrangements, contact Michael Laney at

Former Black Panther Party Chief of Staff David Hilliard Talks About the History and Legacy of the Party (2005)

Image Source: Calisphere

Summary: Original Black Panther Party Chief of Staff David Hilliard speaks at Michigan State University on the history and legacy of the Black Panther Party. Hilliard talks about the principles of the Party, its goals, and community service operations. He also discusses the intense scrutiny it received from police and the FBI and the resulting prosecution of Party members. Hilliard references a slide show presentation which is not included. Vic Maurer, Director of Racial, Ethnic & Progressive Affairs for the Residence Hall Association, introduces the event.

This recording is available to all MSU Library users online, following this link. 

Bobby Seale as Denver radio talk show host in 1983, with tapes of his Black Panther days [with Carlos Aguilar] (Broadcast on CBS-TV, Feb. 27, 1983.)

Image Source: The Undefeated

Summary: Bobby Seale, one of the Chicago Eight, tells of being a Denver radio talk show host and plays some recordings from his Black Panther days where he says that change will come from the middle-class white society not any minorities. On “Sunday Morning.”

Black Panther Party H. Rap Brown on black power, white power and green power (Broadcast on Pacifica Radio, Feb. 21, 1968.)

Image Source: Medium

Summary: H. Rap Brown, Minister of Justice for the Black Panther Party, addresses a gathering at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on the occasion of Huey P. Newton’s birthday. Brown talks about black power, white power and green power.

Huey Newton talks about the changes in Panther rhetoric and policy in ten years as changing with the times (Broadcast on ABC TV, Sept. 28, 1977.)

Image Source: Bet

Summary: African-American political activist Huey P. Newton talks with Geraldo Rivera on “Good Morning, America” about changes in Black Panther Party rhetoric and policy during the preceding ten years.

Earl Caldwell talks about his work with the Black Panthers and how the FBI tried to get him to share information, with Studs Terkel (Broadcast on WFMT, December 15, 1972.)

Image Source: NY Daily News

We Gonna Survive America! (Broadcast on Pacifica Radio, Feb. 17, 1968.)

Image Source: NPR

Summary: An edited version of Black Panther Party leader Stokely Carmichael’s “We gonna survive America!” speech given at the Huey Newton Birthday Rally in Oakland, CA. Carmichael expounds on the condition of American blacks, threats to survival, involvement in Vietnam, education, and self defense. Produced as part of the Pacifica Radio/UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project.