The Media Preservation Lab Moves to the Main Library!

Playback devices and vented archival film cans were prepared for transport out of Conrad Hall

During the final days of 2022, the Media Preservation Lab was moved out of Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections (UAHC) in Conrad Hall, and into room E308 of the Main Library building (a temporary home until renovations begin in the library’s 3 East wing). The lab, which contains legacy audio and moving image playback machines and scanners, has grown over time. Its humble beginnings were in a cubicle, with just a cassette deck, a 3/4″ U-matic deck, a VCR, and a Mac.

Matthew working in the Digitization Lab at University Archives & Historical Collections (2014)

The Media Preservation Lab has since grown to include many types of audio and video playback decks, and it also has a cintel scanner which can digitize 16mm and 35mm reels of motion picture film.

Gear has been brought over to the Main Library

Audiovisual Archivist Matthew Wilcox has been setting up the lab in its new temporary home, creating workstations for audio, video, and film. If you are interested in seeing the lab, contact Sarah Mainville (, and a member of the Media Preservation Unit can show you around.

Shelving units are added for backup equipment


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  1. Lisa Bosman 2023-01-13 — 17:40

    Welcome, Matthew! Because of this post, I found myself listening to your department’s recently digitized recording of a program broadcast in August of 1947, on WKAR, celebrating WKAR’s 25th anniversary. It’s whimsical and informative, and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks!

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